Lavender Chamomile Bath Tea

the little things. There's nothing bigger is there?

Amelia Fawn

Colder than a witch's [bleep] in a brass... You get the idea.

(cooling mint blend)

Bergamot and sandalwood spread earthly joy.

All Natural Lip Balm - Under Construction


Why Use Goat's Milk Soap?


Horsin' Around by Bernie - Under Construction

A sweet summer vine & a rose by any other name.

(honeysuckle and rosehip)

Crystal Meadow

If you would seek out dragons...


A place where the leaves of tea trees sing.

(melaleuca and lemon)

Goat's Milk Bath Tea & Foot Soak

Everything you need to kick up your heels and wiggle your toes! This is the foot soap you've been looking for!

(a spicy blend with mint, chamomile, and more)

What could be better than patchouli and clove?

Infant Flower Sandals ($15)

Soap Saver

Worldly spices and calming lavender.

Blue Bug-Zapper

A spiritual journey of sandalwood and plumeria.

(nag champa/champaka)


Honeysuckle Rose
Leaves of Acerbia
Liberated Grease Monkey
Tawny Willow
Groovy Tang
Guided Spirit

Massage oil candles ($20)

100% dog safe essential oil blend that conditions skin, shines coat, smells great, and naturally repels fleas and ticks. Oil blend contains cedarwood, lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus, spearmint, tea tree, and rose geranium.​

Pattern Download ($4)

An open mind choosing empowerment to remain free.

(a spring walk on the Irish wild side)

The mother of all healing oils.

These adorable sandals for infants (0-3 months) are handcrafted with our own original pattern and are made with 100% cotton thread that is made in the USA. Sandals can be ordered in colors pictured (sole and tie: jute; flower and heel: ecru), or custom made in any color combination you choose (click here for color chart). Please specify colors in the comment box when ordering, and allow 2 weeks for production and shipment. If you would like to make your own, the pattern is also available for download (when transaction is completed, you will be redirected to the pattern download page, please do not leave page).

Solid roll-on perfume sticks.

Goat's Milk & Honey Soap

Hootenanny Foot Soak
Psychedelic Starshine

You twinkle above us, we twinkle below.

(rosemary mint with a hint of orange)

Pure Honey
Utopia Facial

Culture Cat: Worldly spices and calming lavender ($24)

Forest Gypsy: He wears a coronal of leaves and holds a forest flower ($23)

Frantic Peace: The sweet is never as sweet without the sour ($22)

Head Over Heels: Headache Relief ($22)

Herdin' Cats: Respiratory Relief (23)

Hole in the Head: Sinus Relief ($22)

Maverick: An open mind choosing empowerment to remain free ($23)

Mellow Yellow: Delicate white petals kissed by lavender around the sun ($27)

Peaceful Chill: Butterfly kisses and peppermint dreams ($22)

Psychedelic Starshine: You twinkle above us, we twinkle below ($22)

Snug as a Bug: In a rug with flowers in her hair ($23)

Thick as Thieves: The story of thieves, spice traders, and wealth ($22)

Also available:

Himalayan Salt Jars ($12)

​Candle Warmers ($12)

Sweet rose, fragrant geranium, and more.

Foot Loose Fancy Feet

He wears a coronal of leaves and holds a forest flower.

(fir, cedarwood, bergamot, and other forest awakenings join rosemary and citrus)

Forest Gypsy

Earthly spice and everything nice.

Beneficially scented Shea butter body cream is the answer your skin has been looking for! Shea butter is a super moisturizer and is known to treat a variety of skin problems, including: eczema, dermatitis, stretch marks, dry skin and hair, insect bites, psoriasis, acne, cracked skin, itchy skin, muscle fatigue and tension, rheumatism, arthritis, sunburn, skin allergies and rashes, scars and dark spots, skin blemishes, and wrinkles. If a scent you desire is not available, let us know, we’ll gladly make it for you! Available in 8 oz. ($15) and 3 oz. ($5).

*Denotes 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil scent, all other are 100% pure fragrance oil.

Shea Butter Body Cream - Under Construction

Born Free
Spiritual Flower

More Product Updates Coming Soon

Snug as a Bug

A perfect blend of citrus, spice and lavender with activated charcoal.

Sometimes, all you need is a little rosehip.

Body Breakfast

Let nature get up close and personal 

This soap offers us a great way to enjoy the outdoors without the blue bug-zapper light! The 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils combined in this blend ward off all sorts of creepy crawlies including ticks. Use it with our natural bug spray the next time you head out into the great outdoors.


Peaceful Chill

Our best-selling signature blend: earthy and grounded.

(blissful hints of pine, basil, citrus, cranberry, patchouli, and more)

Pure Essential Oil Scents: Baby Belle, Bohemian Groove, Born Free, Camouflage, Culture Cat, Forest Gypsy, Frantic Peace, Groovy Tang, Guided Spirit, Honeysuckle Rose, Lavender, Maverick, Mellow Yellow, Patchouli, Peaceful Chill, Psychedelic Starshine, Snug as a Bug, Vanilla, Witch's Brass 

Pure Fragrance Oil Scents: Arabian Musk, Bay Rum, Coconut Ginger Almond, Cool Citrus Basil, Cucumber Mint, Dragon's Blood, Green Tea & Lemongrass, Jasmine, Lavender Chamomile, Mango Madness, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Sandalwood & Amber, Scotch Pine Cranberry, Spiritual Flower, Sweet Talkin', Tawny Willow

Perfume Sticks - Under Construction

These soap savers are handcrafted with our own original pattern and are made with 100% cotton thread that is made in the USA. They will accommodate any of our artisan soaps and are a great alternative to standard wash cloths and/or puffs. Plus, you can use up all those small pieces of soap easily and conveniently! Soap savers can be ordered in any color or color combination you choose (click here for color chart). Please specify colors in the comment box when ordering, and allow 2 weeks for production and shipment. If you would like to make your own the pattern is also available for download.


Massage Oil Candles - Under Construction

...in a rug with flowers in her hair.

(lavender vanilla)

Witch s Brass

Say goodbye to plain old, boring Epsom salts, and say hello to fragrant blissfulness with the added benefit of goat's milk and oatmeal. These tea bags also contain dried lavender and chamomile flowers from our gardens.

Pink cotton candy clouds.

Cleansing, stimulating, and invigorating.

Dragons Blood
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A spicy coffee-clove mix to get even the dirtiest hands clean!

Stripped, uninhibited, all natural.

Pattern Download Coming Soon

Hover Here for Scent Details

Made using reclaimed horseshoes and other recycled materials, these great sculptures are handcrafted and each is unique. Inventory changes frequently, so stop by the farm or visit us at an upcoming art show to see what we have on hand. Prices vary and generally range from $25-$75.

Our all natural lip balms are made using coconut oil, beeswax, palm oil, Shea butter, and apricot kernel oil or vitamin E. In addition to the many health benefits in our diet, coconut oil is a fantastic skin-care product that can (more):

Flavor Oils ($4): Born Free, Cherry, Cranberry, Lemon Mint, Orange, Strawberry

Extreme Protection ($5): Baby Belle, Frantic Peace, Lavender, Peaceful Chill, Witch's Brass

Enjoy foot loose fancy feet: Kick up your heels and wiggle your toes as you

soak your feet in this invigorating and relaxing foot soak. 

Relax, let love find you, and celebrate.

(custom blend of ylang ylang and lemon)

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The sweet is never as sweet without the sour.

Essential Oils & Custom Blends - Under Construction

Mellow Yellow

The calming and invigorating scents of nature combine

to bring you a refreshing walk in a meadow.

(lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, and other natural scents)

Treat yourself: bacon, egg, orange, and grapefruit.






eBrookvalley Farm Goat's Milk Soap in Carbondale - Natural Soap - Handmade Soap - Homemade Soap

BARNyard Mercantile


Citrus Carnival

A fun and exciting blend of citrus, mint, and basil.


Dog Poo

A walk through the woods edged with patches of lemongrass.


BARNyard Art, Raw Honey & Crochet

Bohemian Groove


Anabelle Rose

Bearing gifts, they followed a star.

(frankincense and myrrh)

Arcadia Facial

All of our BARNyard Art is made from recycled and reclaimed items that we find on the farm, at yard sales, junk yards, or free from places like Craigs List, freecycle.com, or just stuff we find laying around when we're out and about. A true collaborative and eclectic mix of "another man's trash." Even though we may offer several of a particular item, each one is unique and one-of-a-kind in its makeup and markings (no two pieces are identical--it's impossible!). 

All of our crocheted products are handmade! Our original patterns are also available for download if you wish to make your own.

Stop by our farm and enjoy a journey through our remarkable trash to treasures!

Culture Cat


Frantic Peace




Baby Belle
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Sweet Talkin


Seasonally available on the farm: All natural, pure, raw, and unfiltered liquid honey. Also available as cut comb honey, and really raw honey with bits of beeswax. Watch our Facebook page for availability announcements; this stuff is liquid gold and sells out quickly!

Butterfly kisses and peppermint dreams.

(lavender mint)

Aromatic, spicy, seductive, and healing.

Delicate white petals kissed by lavender around the sun.

(lavender chamomile)

Brookvalley Farm Goat's Milk Soap

Our Products

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Brookvalley Farm goat's milk soap is one of the best soaps you can use for your skin. Working in small batches to insure quality and consistency, we use only the best all-natural oils to handcraft our soaps, as well as milk from our own goats, and honey and beeswax from our own hives!

The ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Cleopatra, was known for her beauty and amazing skin. Her secret? Bathing regularly in goat's milk. Now, we bring the benefits of goat's milk to you right in your soap! 

Not only can goat's milk soap help reduce wrinkles and delay the signs of skin aging, it is known to reduce skin inflammation, and can sooth dry (more)


more scents and custom blends

coming soon

Lemongrass, tea tree, and rosemary with activated charcoal.

Infant Flower Sandals

Soap Saver ($10)